Playing with dolls is essential in childhood for your little one to develop key social skills.

And they are also very important to help in the management of emotions, something fundamental in the development of personality. Most of us had an amulet when we were little that was almost always shaped like a doll or a cloth doll. That a wholesale rose bears that we hugged before going to sleep, the doll that we always carried everywhere, the doll with already worn eyes that we told our secrets to….

They are a very important memory of our childhood and no matter how much we grow we will always remember them!

That is why it is so important to give a doll or doll to your child, since that gesture opens a new world of possibilities not only for games and fun, but also many benefits for their cognitive, mental and emotional development.

The benefits of playing with dolls

One of the most direct benefits of playing with dolls is the development of imagination. In the hands of your child, the doll comes to life and interactions, games and words follow one another at full speed.

He will put her to sleep when he thinks she is tired, he will explain a story or sing a song to keep her calm.

He will sit you down and prepare your food: chocolate macaroons or soup cake or whatever else you can think of …

He will carry her in his arms, put her around his neck, grab her by the hand and they will race, put her on the swing and rock her, they will go down the slide together and many more adventures!

In addition, dolls are essential for emotional development and the management of feelings.

Your child will explain her thoughts to her, share her illusions and doubts with the doll, hug her at night if she doesn’t like the rain or whisper something funny in her ear that she doesn’t want to explain to anyone else …

He will also take care of her when she is sick, he will explain to her that she will be cured soon and he will hug her tightly telling her how much he loves her. Thanks to playing with a doll your child can put in his own words and better understand the relationships of care and affection that he sees around him.

It is a way of transferring to their world and their language the importance of social relationships, of affection between people and, above all, of helping each other.

Playing with dolls has no end

A great thing about giving a doll is that it is a toy that will accompany your child for a long time and with which he will interact in different ways throughout his childhood.

As long as it is a baby, it will hug it, drag it, put it in its mouth and it will help it to recognize itself.

And from 3 – 4 years old, as her imagination and her verbal ability are at their peak, he will talk to her, tell her stories and become a faithful companion with whom to go everywhere. .

And even later, around 6 – 7 years old, he will continue to enjoy playing with her doll, taking her for a walk, combing her hair or dressing her in different clothes to live different adventures.

All the accessories and accessories available in the world of dolls make it a game that lasts a long time and is always different.

Today the doll walks through the field and gets wet in the rain. Today he went to the theater to see a hilarious play. Today she is sick and stays in bed. Today she is going to ride a horse. Today she has painted a beautiful picture…. And so, a long etcetera…

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